Tax Files for Download

The Dare County tax files are compressed files. Each file is named with xx representing the tax district number. After downloading the file or files that you need onto your hard drive, extract (unzip) the file. The tax file will be listed as xxName.dbf. The dbf file is ready to be imported to most Database or Spreadsheet programs.

File Date: June 24 2024

District Number District Name Zip Code dbf File csv File
All districts County Parcel Data (Only Primary owners, building and land information) PrclCard PrclCard
All districts Entire County (includes Primary & Secondary owners) 00County 00County
(01) Avon 27915 01Avon 01Avon
(02) Buxton 27920 02Buxton 02Buxton
(03) Colington 27948 03Coling 03Coling
(04) East Lake 27931 04East 04East
(05) Frisco 27936 05Frisco 05Frisco
(06) Hatteras 27943 06Hatter 06Hatter
(07) Kill Devil Hills 27948 07KDH 07KDH
(08) Kitty Hawk 27949 08KH 08KH
(09) Manns Harbor 27953 09Manns 09Manns
(10) Manteo (Town) 27954 10ManteT 10ManteT
(11) Manteo (Outside) 27954 11ManteO 11ManteO
(12) Kill Devil Hills (Outside) 27948 12KDHOut 12KDHOut
(13) Mashoes 27953 13Mashoe 13Mashoe
(14) Nags Head 27959 14NH 14NH
(15) Rodanthe 27969 15Rodant 15Rodant
(16) Stumpy Point 27978 16Stumpy 16Stumpy
(17) Wanchese 27981 17Wanche 17Wanche
(18) Salvo 27972 18Salvo 18Salvo
(19) Waves 27982 19Waves 19Waves
(20) Southern Shores 27949 20SShore 20SShore
(21) Duck 27949 21Duck 21Duck
(22) Martin's Point 27949 22Martin 22Martin

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